Stress position

an enforced body position, applied esp in the interrogation of detainees, which causes the victim pain by concentrating a large amount of his or her weight on a small number of muscles, joints, etc


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  • Stress reaction

    stress reaction n. An acute emotional reaction to physical or psychological stress. Also called acute situational reaction.

  • Stress shielding

    stress shielding n. Osteopenia occurring in bone as the result of removal of normal stress from the bone by an implant.

  • Stress-test

    verb (used with object) 1. to subject to a stress test. noun 1. a test, especially one conducted in a laboratory, to determine how much pressure, tension, wear, or the like a given product or material can withstand. 2. Medicine/Medical. a test of cardiovascular health made by recording heart rate, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, and other […]

  • Stress-timed

    [stres-tahymd] /ˈstrɛsˌtaɪmd/ adjective, Phonetics. (of a language) 1. having a rhythm in which stressed syllables tend to occur at regular intervals of time, regardless of the number of intervening unstressed syllables.

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