a ground squirrel marked with stripes, especially the thirteen-lined ground squirrel.


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  • Striped-hyena

    noun 1. a hyena, Hyaena hyaena, of northern Africa, Arabia, and India, having a grayish coat with distinct blackish stripes.

  • Striped-killifish

    noun 1. a killifish, Fundulus majalis, of the Atlantic coast of the U.S., the female of which is marked with black stripes.

  • Striped-maple

    noun 1. a maple, Acer pensylvanicum, of northeastern North America, having white-striped bark.

  • Striped muscle

    noun 1. a type of contractile tissue that is marked by transverse striations; it is concerned with moving skeletal parts to which it is usually attached Also called skeletal muscle Compare smooth muscle

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