Subcutaneous emphysema

subcutaneous emphysema n.
The presence of air or gas in subcutaneous tissues. Also called aerodermectasia, pneumoderma.


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  • Subcutaneous fat necrosis of newborn

    subcutaneous fat necrosis of newborn n. See sclerema neonatorum.

  • Subcutaneous flap

    subcutaneous flap n. A pedicle flap in which the pedicle is denuded of epithelium and buried in the subcutaneous tissue of the recipient area.

  • Subcutaneously

    [suhb-kyoo-tey-nee-uh s] /ˌsʌb kyuˈteɪ ni əs/ adjective 1. situated or lying under the skin, as tissue. 2. performed or introduced under the skin, as an injection by a syringe. 3. living below the several layers of the skin, as certain parasites. subcutaneous /ˌsʌbkjuːˈteɪnɪəs/ adjective 1. (med) situated, used, or introduced beneath the skin: a subcutaneous […]

  • Subcutaneous mastectomy

    subcutaneous mastectomy n. Surgical removal of the breast tissues, with preservation of the skin, nipple, and areola, usually followed by the implantation of a prosthesis.

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