a town in NE Texas.


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  • Sulphur trioxide

    noun 1. a white corrosive substance existing in three crystalline forms of which the stable (alpha-) form is usually obtained as silky needles. It is produced by the oxidation of sulphur dioxide, and is used in the sulphonation of organic compounds. Formula: SO3 Systematic name sulphur(VI) oxide

  • Sulphur tuft

    noun 1. a poisonous basidiomycetous fungus, Hypholoma fasciculare, having a sulphurous yellow cap and found in clumps on and around broad-leaved trees

  • Sulphuryl

    noun 1. (modifier) of, consisting of, or containing the divalent group, =SO2: sulphuryl chloride Also sulphonyl (ˈsʌlfəˌnɪl)

  • Sulpician

    noun, Roman Catholic Church. 1. a member of a society of secular priests founded in France in 1642, engaged chiefly in training men to teach in seminaries.

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