plural noun
sundry things or items, especially small, miscellaneous items of little value.
Compare notion (def 6).


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  • Sundrops

    noun, plural sundrops. 1. any of various plants of the genus Oenothera, of the evening primrose family, having flowers that bloom during the day.

  • Sundry shop

    noun 1. (in Malaysia) a shop, similar to a delicatessen, that sells predominantly Chinese foodstuffs

  • Sundsvall

    noun 1. a seaport in E Sweden, on the Gulf of Bothnia. noun 1. a port in E Sweden, on the Gulf of Bothnia: icebound in winter; cellulose industries. Pop: 93 623 (2004 est)

  • Sunfast

    adjective 1. not subject to fading in sunlight, as a dye, fabric, or garment. adjective 1. (mainly US & Canadian) not fading in sunlight

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