sursumduction sur·sum·duc·tion (sûr’səm-dŭk’shən)
See supraduction.


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  • Sursumvergence

    sursumvergence sur·sum·ver·gence (sûr’səm-vûr’jəns) n. See supravergence.

  • Sursumversion

    sursumversion sur·sum·ver·sion (sûr’səm-vûr’zhən) n. See supraversion.

  • Surt

    noun, Scandinavian Mythology. 1. the guardian and ruler of Muspelheim, destined to defeat Frey at Ragnarok and destroy the world with fire.

  • Surtax

    noun 1. an additional or extra tax on something already taxed. 2. one of a graded series of additional taxes levied on incomes exceeding a certain amount. verb (used with object) 3. to put an additional or extra tax on; charge with a surtax. noun 1. a tax, usually highly progressive, levied on the amount […]

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