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  • Suzanne

    noun 1. a female given name, French form of Susanna or Susannah.

  • Suzerain

    noun 1. a sovereign or a state exercising political control over a dependent state. 2. History/Historical. a feudal overlord. adjective 3. characteristic of or being a suzerain. noun 1. a state or sovereign exercising some degree of dominion over a dependent state, usually controlling its foreign affairs (as modifier): a suzerain power 2. a feudal […]

  • Suzerainty

    noun, plural suzerainties. 1. the position or authority of a suzerain. 2. the domain or area subject to a suzerain. noun (pl) -ties 1. the position, power, or dignity of a suzerain 2. the relationship between suzerain and subject

  • Suzhou

    noun, Pinyin. 1. Formerly Wuxian. a city in S Jiangsu province, in E China. 2. former name of Yibin. noun 1. a city in E China, in S Jiangsu on the Grand Canal: noted for its gardens; produces chiefly silk. Pop: 1 201 000 (2005 est) Also called Wuhsien

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