noun, plural syndactyli
[sin-dak-tuh-lahy, -lee] /sɪnˈdæk təˌlaɪ, -ˌli/ (Show IPA). Medicine/Medical.
a person having united or webbed fingers or toes.


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  • Syndactyly

    syndactyly syn·dac·ty·ly (sĭn-dāk’tə-lē) n. Webbing or fusion of the fingers or toes, involving soft parts only or including bone structure. Also called symphalangism, syndactylia, syndactylism, zygodactyly.

  • Synderesis

    noun 1. innate knowledge of the basic principles of morality. 2. Christian Mysticism. the essence of the soul that unites with God.

  • Syndesis

    noun, plural syndeses [sin-duh-seez, sin-dee-seez] /ˈsɪn dəˌsiz, sɪnˈdi siz/ (Show IPA). Cell Biology. 1. synapsis (def 1). noun (grammar) 1. the use of syndetic constructions 2. another name for polysyndeton (sense 2) syndesis syn·de·sis (sĭn’dĭ-sĭs, sĭn-dē’-) n. See arthrodesis.

  • Syndesmectomy

    [sin-dez-mek-tuh-mee, -des-] /ˌsɪn dɛzˈmɛk tə mi, -dɛs-/ noun, plural syndesmectomies. Surgery. 1. excision of part of a ligament. syndesmectomy syn·des·mec·to·my (sĭn’děz-měk’tə-mē, -děs-) n. The cutting away of a section of a ligament.

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