To flood another machine with bogus TCP/IP SYN requests.


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  • Synfuel

    noun 1. synthetic fuel.

  • Synfuels

    noun 1. synthetic fuel. synfuels [(sin-fyooh-uhlz)] Short for synthetic fuels. Synfuels are substances made through the extraction of petroleum or coal from minerals found in the western United States. Note: The cost of synfuels is presently too high to make them commercially attractive.

  • Syngamy

    noun, Biology. 1. union of gametes, as in fertilization or conjugation; sexual reproduction. noun 1. other names for sexual reproduction syngamy syn·ga·my (sĭng’gə-mē) n. The fusion of two gametes in fertilization. syn·gam’ic (sĭn-gām’ĭk) or syn’ga·mous (sĭng’gə-məs) adj. syngamy (sĭng’gə-mē) The fusion of two gametes in fertilization.

  • Syngas

    noun 1. synthetic natural gas. See under synthetic fuel.

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