Synovial sheath

synovial sheath n.
The membrane lining the cavity of bone through which a tendon moves.


Read Also:

  • Synovioma

    synovioma syn·o·vi·o·ma (sĭ-nō’vē-ō’mə) n. A tumor of synovial origin, involving a joint or tendon sheath.

  • Synovitic

    noun, Pathology. 1. inflammation of a synovial membrane. noun 1. inflammation of the membrane surrounding a joint synovitis syn·o·vi·tis (sĭn’ə-vī’tĭs, sī’nə-) n. Inflammation of a synovial membrane.

  • Synovitis sicca

    synovitis sicca synovitis sic·ca (sĭk’ə) n. See dry synovitis.

  • Synovium

    synovium syn·o·vi·um (sĭ-nō’vē-əm) n. See synovial membrane.

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