syntrophoblast syn·tro·pho·blast (sĭn-trō’fə-blāst’)
See syncytiotrophoblast.


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  • Syntropy

    syntropy syn·tro·py (sĭn’trə-pē) n. The occasional tendency of two diseases to coalesce into one. The psychological state of wholesome association with others. A number of similar structures inclined in one general direction, such as the ribs.

  • Syntyche

    fortunate; affable, a female member of the church at Philippi, whom Paul beseeches to be of one mind with Euodias (Phil. 4:2,3).

  • Syntype

    noun, Biology. 1. a type specimen other than the holotype used in the description of a species.

  • Synoptist

    noun, (often initial capital letter) 1. one of the authors (Matthew, Mark, or Luke) of the synoptic Gospels.

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