noun, Digital Technology.
a visual representation of user-generated electronic tags or keywords that classify and describe online content, typically an alphabetical list or a grouping of words in different font sizes, as to show relative frequency or provide links to further information:
a tag cloud of the words used in the president’s speech.
See also tag1 (def 9b).


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  • Tag-day

    noun 1. a day on which contributions to a fund are solicited, each contributor receiving a tag.

  • Tag-end

    noun 1. the last or final part of something: They came in at the tag end of the performance. 2. a random scrap, fragment, or remnant. noun 1. the last part of something: the tag end of the day 2. a loose end of cloth, thread, etc

  • Tagetes

    noun (pl) tagetes 1. See marigold (sense 1)

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