Take the money and run

take the heat


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  • Take the pipe

    take the heat off

  • Take the pulse of

    Also, feel the pulse of. Try to determine the intentions or sentiments of a person or group, as in These exit polls allegedly take the pulse of the voters, but I don’t believe they’re very meaningful. [ First half of 1600s ]

  • Take the rough with the smooth

    Accept the bad along with the good, as in You can’t expect to close a lot of sales every week—you have to take the rough with the smooth . This adage was first recorded about 1400. Also see take the bitter with the sweet

  • Take the starch out of

    take the plunge take the starch out of Deflate or ridicule someone, as in That practical joke at the office party really took the starch out of Nick. This expression, first recorded in 1840, alludes to the starch used to stiffen a shirt.

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