a variant spelling of tombac


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  • Tambala

    noun 1. a bronze coin and monetary unit of Malawi, the 100th part of a kwacha.

  • Tambo

    noun 1. Mr. Tambo. noun 1. Oliver. 1917–93, South African politician; president (1977–91) of the African National Congress. He was arrested (1956) with Nelson Mandela but released (1957)

  • Tambora

    noun 1. an active volcano in Indonesia, on N Sumbawa: eruption 1815. 9042 feet (2756 meters). noun 1. a volcano in Indonesia, on N Sumbawa: violent eruption of 1815 reduced its height from about 4000 m (13 000 ft) to 2850 m (9400 ft)

  • Tambour

    noun 1. Music. a drum. 2. a drum player. 3. Also called tabaret. a circular frame consisting of two hoops, one fitting within the other, in which cloth is stretched for embroidering. 4. embroidery done on such a frame. 5. Furniture. a flexible shutter used as a desk top or in place of a door, […]

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