when a boy want the booty.
“hey i want to 🍰 her tmr”

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  • brexit

    of britain leaving the european union. once again becoming an independent country able to trade freely with the world, retake control of it’s own border and for the british monarch to regain her rightful place as the leader of the british commonwealth. if we all vote leave the corrupt eu, we will guarantee brexit

  • f*ckcheeks

    when your cheeks get f-cked a lot sup f-ckcheeks? how was that but rape last night?

  • doot boop

    only the most s-xy mate calling technique, makes any woman wet and only the elite s-x gods use it “doot boop!” he said has the woman trickled with juices

  • bag of *sscheeks

    something you call someone in a derogatory manner, however usually said amongst friends as a joke. god, brendan, you’re such a f-cking bag of -sscheeks

  • non-*ssimilator

    a person who moves to another country without any intention of -ssimilating to the country’s language or culture. that big section of dallas only contains non–ssimilator arabs. they don’t speak english and they don’t ever intend to partic-p-te in american culture.

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