A. b.

Nautical, .
Baseball. (times) at bat.
Also, a.b.
Contemporary Examples

The company, a. b. Planners, won the tender to build the moshav with at a cost of $400 million.
The 65,000-Person Question Orly Halpern September 19, 2012

Historical Examples

The first commencement was held at Harvard college, when nine candidates took the degree of a. b.
The Every Day Book of History and Chronology Joel Munsell

To enter the professional courses at the University a candidate must show the title of a. b.
Industrial Cuba Robert P. Porter

The ordinary form of copyright notice is “Copyright, 19—, by a. b.”
Government in the United States James Wilford Garner

Query, Whether the said agent a. b. made any one answer like a man of business?
The Prose Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D., Vol. VII Jonathan Swift

Then they picked up the master of the house, and asked him politely to conduct them to “a. b.”
Novel Notes Jerome K. Jerome

When he was seventeen he entered the University proper, and five years later he was graduated with the degree of a. b.
Twentieth Century Negro Literature Various

Let a. b. alone to ‘sarve them out,’—that’s what all the legs said!
Davenport Dunn, Volume 1 (of 2) Charles James Lever

In 1874 it was provided that the form of the copyright notice in books should read, “Copyright, 18—, by a. b.”
International Copyright George Haven Putnam

The chief interest of the inquiry, however, centred in the question—who was a. b.?
The History of the Post Office Herbert Joyce

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