Associate in Education.

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  • A.eng.

    Associate in Engineering.

  • A.g.dec.

    a.g.dec. Attorney General’s Decisions

  • A.k.

    . Contemporary Examples Hutz plays a.k., the frontman of a band called, yes, Gogol Bordello, who earns money on the side as a male dominator. Madonna’s New Movie Salutes…Madonna! Rachel Syme October 16, 2008 ass kisser

  • A.k.a

    also known as: According to police records he is Joe Smith a.k.a. “Baby Face Smith” and Joseph Smathers. abbreviation also known as also aka, initialism for also known as; attested in legal documents from at least 1936.

  • A.l.s.

    autograph letter, signed. autograph letters, signed

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