in sufficient quantity; in generous amounts (usually used following the noun it modifies):
He had troubles aplenty.
sufficiently; enough; more than sparingly:
He howled aplenty when hurt.
Historical Examples

Pete says he’ll be right there a-plenty when they’re took by force.
Somewhere in Red Gap Harry Leon Wilson

You make out a list of what dope you want—and be sure yuh get a-plenty.
Chip, of the Flying U B. M. Bower

I fancy all you fellows have a-plenty of defending me to do, though truly it is hardly worth while.
The Letters of Ambrose Bierce Ambrose Bierce

All we heard was, ‘They’ll kill all the slaves,’ and such hearing was a-plenty!
Slave Narratives, Oklahoma Various

Mose muttered to Reynolds: “He’s due to bolt, and I’m going to quirt him a-plenty.”
The Eagle’s Heart Hamlin Garland

He has got to show me a-plenty what right he had to say you was wonderfully beautiful.
The Man Next Door Emerson Hough

Why, he’s making th’ best time he can, an’ that’s a-plenty, too.
Hopalong Cassidy Clarence E. Mulford

That I certain admits, nodded the other; but how it was did is what puzzles me a-plenty.
Frank Merriwell’s Triumph Burt L. Standish

Critics there were a-plenty who wagged a sad head because the advertising was undignified.
The Building of a Book Various

Didn’t Pede do that, an’ didn’t he beat Pede a-plenty at his own game?
Frank Merriwell’s Backers Burt L. Standish

adjective, adverb (postpositive)
in plenty

1830, originally U.S., from a- (1) + plenty (n.). First attested in writings of J. Fenimore Cooper.

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