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ATM Adaptation Layer
Historical Examples

We aal hed to get out, an’ a chap in green clothes sed we shood hev to wait ten minits.
A Cotswold Village J. Arthur Gibbs

Never in aal me life did I go at such a rate under and awver bridges an droo holes in the ‘ills.
A Cotswold Village J. Arthur Gibbs

An’ zimmin to I veyther’s feace turned zart o’ aal colours, and a zes, ‘Lawk a massey!
A Glossary of Words used in the County of Wiltshire George Edward Dartnell

An’ that follered on aal day, and I cudden get un to take next akin to nothin’, and allus a wantin summut to drenk.
A Glossary of Words used in the County of Wiltshire George Edward Dartnell

Ant it will aal pelong to ta young Chief some tay, when he crows a pig man.
Three Boys George Manville Fenn

Well, aal was stillness as I said, when sudden there comes a far-away cry through the clear air—“Cock forrard, cock forrard!”
Tales of Northumbria Howard Pease

aal the village know’d I wur a-gwain, an’ sum sed as how I shood be murthur’d avoor I cum back.
A Cotswold Village J. Arthur Gibbs

“All right,” pronounced as if it were “aal,” is the most common expression, and seems to be used on every possible occasion.
Sport in Vancouver and Newfoundland John Rogers


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