Association of American Publishers.
Contemporary Examples

Full disclosure: I am an AAP member, but had no role in developing those recommendations.
Wake Up, Parents: Letting Your Kid Tan Is Like Letting Them Smoke Russell Saunders June 23, 2014

In 2012, the AAP changed its policy statement, discarding its neutral stance to weigh in heavily on the side of circumcision.
New Study Says Benefits of Circumcision Outweigh Risks 100 to 1 Brandy Zadrozny April 1, 2014

An estimated 20,600 people under the age of 25 are injured by a gun every year and 6,570 die, according to the AAP.
Pediatricians Take on the NRA Over Gun Safety Brandy Zadrozny May 14, 2014

AAP guidelines urge pediatricians to counsel parents during checkups about the dangers of allowing kids to have access to guns.
Pediatricians Take on the NRA Over Gun Safety Brandy Zadrozny May 14, 2014

Sure, a few European doctors have accused the AAP of cultural bias in its support for the practice.
Do Circumcision Bans Protect Kids’ Rights, Or Infringe Upon Parents’? Michael Schulson February 1, 2014

Their demand was that the AAP stop treating intersexuality as a birth defect that can be corrected, outgrown, and forgotten.
Don’t Call Them Hermaphrodites Joseph Huff-Hannon September 15, 2009

Australian Associated Press
(in the US) affirmative action program

Association of American Publishers
affirmative action plan
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Academy of Periodontology
American Academy of Psychoanalysis
American Academy of Psychotherapists
Association for Academic Psychiatry
Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis
Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy
Association of Academic Physiatrists
Association of American Physicians
Association of American Publishers

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