Contemporary Examples

America could have its own version of the Aarhus method in Minnesota.
What the U.S. Can Learn from Europe About Dealing with Terrorists Scott Beauchamp December 14, 2014

From 2012 to 2013, 31 men left Aarhus bound for combat in Syria.
What the U.S. Can Learn from Europe About Dealing with Terrorists Scott Beauchamp December 14, 2014

Historical Examples

He was sent on a mission to Denmark in 1888, and was appointed to labor in the Aarhus conference.
Precious Memories Various

Aarhus, the capital of Jutland, is the second oldest town in Denmark.
Denmark M. Pearson Thomson

The Statsbiblioteket of Aarhus possesses about 200,000 vols.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 16, Slice 5 Various

Two poor people who lived near Aarhus had an only daughter, called Grethe.
A Danish Parsonage John Fulford Vicary

This was found at Borum, in the neighbourhood of Aarhus, Jutland.
Chats on Costume G. Woolliscroft Rhead

It is a tradition of the cathedral at Aarhus, that such a horse is occasionally seen there.
A Danish Parsonage John Fulford Vicary

So Ib travelled with the ferry-boat from Aarhus to Copenhagen.
What the Moon Saw: and Other Tales Hans Christian Andersen

They were stopping with the Petersen family, in a little red-roofed, many-gabled house on a quiet side street in Aarhus.
Our Little Danish Cousin Luna May Innes

a variant spelling of Århus

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