Animal-Assisted-Therapy Teams
Historical Examples

Nah, mi gronfayther could nawther get up nor call aat, but ha do yo think he managed to get’ ’em aat o’ bed?
Yorksher Puddin’ John Hartley

So I tuk it up, and put it to mi lips and blew—yi, aat of a sad heart, Mr. Penrose—but it wor reet.
Lancashire Idylls (1898) Marshall Mather

At one corner on it yo con see a black bottle neck peepin’ aat.
Yorkshire Ditties, Second Series John Hartley

Hoo seed th’ leet go aat and co’d aat at th’ top o’ her voice, “Amanda’s come back.”
Lancashire Idylls (1898) Marshall Mather

Then th’ way’s oppen’d aat at once, he’s gein her to understand what ten to one shoo understood long afoor he did.
Yorkshire Ditties, First Series John Hartley

Daan they sit like a owd hen an’ her chickens, an’ dooant they put it aat o’th’ seet?
Yorkshire Ditties, Second Series John Hartley

Aw’ve known th’ time when they did, but aw’m like a old stage cooach, aw’m aat o’ date.
Yorkshire Ditties, First Series John Hartley

Aw walk’d aat when awd heeard that, for aw thowt he might happen be a ostler, but blow me if he wor fit for an auctioneer.
Yorkshire Ditties, First Series John Hartley

If shoo could nobbut get me aat o’ th’ gate, shoo’d be all reight.
Yorkshire Ditties, Second Series John Hartley

Abe wor vooated into th’ cheer to cut it up an’ deeal it aat, an’ he did it wi’ a willin hand.
Yorksher Puddin’ John Hartley

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