two islands (Great Abaco and Little Abaco) in the N Bahamas. 776 sq. mi. (2010 sq. km).
Historical Examples

Within forty-eight hours I’ll have every vessel that can float off Abaco Island.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930 Various

If death had struck Abaco Island, it had been the work of man, not Nature.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930 Various

Dick zoomed almost to his ceiling, until, in the brilliant moonlight, he could see Abaco Island from side to side.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930 Various

It came to anchor off Abaco, the northernmost of the islands.
The Boys of 1812 and Other Naval Heroes James Russell Soley

The cellist Nochez, born between 1720 and 1730, is known as a pupil of Cervetto and Abaco.
The Violoncello and Its History Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski

We passed Abaco light soon after dark, and shaped our course direct for Charleston.
The Narrative of a Blockade-Runner John Wilkinson

That Abaco was British territory had simply not been considered in this crisis of history.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930 Various

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