stony (Heb. marg. “Amanah,” perennial), the chief river of Damascus (2 Kings 5:12). Its modern name is Barada, the Chrysorrhoas, or “golden stream,” of the Greeks. It rises in a cleft of the Anti-Lebanon range, about 23 miles north-west of Damascus, and after flowing southward for a little way parts into three smaller streams, the central one flowing through Damascus, and the other two on each side of the city, diffusing beauty and fertility where otherwise there would be barrenness.

Historical Examples

In Damascus they think there are no such rivers in all the world as their little abana and Pharpar.
The Innocents Abroad Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

For above the landlady’s exposition rose the probationer’s voice: “abana and Pharpar, rivers of Damascus.”
Afterwards Ian Maclaren

The River abana, which runs through the city, was choked with dead horses and Turks for ten days.
With Our Army in Palestine Antony Bluett

The venerable city, made possible and beautiful by the waters of the abana, has survived many sacks and slaughters.
The World’s Progress, Vol. I (of X) Various

We have reached the abana, the river which all the ages has flowed down to Damascus with its gift of eternal youth.
The Ship Dwellers Albert Bigelow Paine

Another mode of irrigation, however, is adopted in places where the abana cannot be reached.
Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow Eliza R. Snow Smith

Men prefer their own abana and Pharpar to the little river rushing in desolate places.
Essays Arthur Christopher Benson

abana and Pharpar may be broad, and deep, and blue, and grand; but only in Jordan shall your soul wash and be clean.
The Wit and Humor of America, Volume IV. (of X.) Various

There is no uncertainty about the river abana, and another river near Damascus known as Pharpar.
The Old World and Its Ways William Jennings Bryan

It is the principal source of the abana river—only one-half mile down to where it joins.
The Innocents Abroad Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

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