a slaughterhouse.
Contemporary Examples

The abattoir was being used as a distribution plant for the meat of cattle slaughtered outside the city.
What Intolerant Buddhist Monks Are Doing to Sri Lanka Kapil Komireddi April 11, 2013

A view down into the wild, Art Deco abattoir now called the 1933 Center in Shanghai.
A Slaughterhouse with Style Blake Gopnik October 2, 2012

Such an abattoir would never be permitted to continue in the United States, or indeed the developed (and white) world.
Ebola and America’s Childish Narcissism Michael Tomasky October 17, 2014

Historical Examples

In Columbus, Mississippi, there is a colored butcher who owns his abattoir and supplies the best trade of his town with meat.
Twentieth Century Negro Literature Various

The monsters in question could only be the Shylocks of the abattoir who had tempted him with blood-money for Mlle. Adrienne.
Catholic World, Vol. XIII, April to September, 1871 Various

Aberdeen is in fact becoming little else than a London abattoir.
Curiosities of Civilization Andrew Wynter

To contemplate it is more sad even than to see a great church turned into a stable or an abattoir—as can yet be seen in France.
The Cathedrals of Southern France Francis Miltoun

When it comes to slaughtering defenseless animals with high-powered guns, I prefer a position in an abattoir.
Everyday Adventures Samuel Scoville

Its position, near a small ravine in which runs a brook, may lead us to suppose that here was the abattoir of the Roman army.
History of Julius Caesar Vol. 2 of 2 Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, 1808-1873.

It was only a scratch and he had been knocked down like a beef in an abattoir by an unseen enemy, on whom he could not lay hands!
The Last Shot Frederick Palmer

another name for slaughterhouse

“slaughterhouse for cows,” 1820, from French abattre “to beat down” (see abate) + suffix -oir, corresponding to Latin -orium (see -ory).

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