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  • Abdomen

    Anatomy, Zoology. the part of the body of a mammal between the thorax and the pelvis; belly. the cavity of this part of the body containing the stomach, intestines, etc. (in nonmammalian vertebrates) a region of the body corresponding to, but not coincident with, this part or cavity. Entomology. the posterior section of the body […]

  • Abdomin-

    abdomin- abdomin- pref. Variant of abdomino-.

  • Abdominal angina

    abdominal angina abdominal angina n. Intermittent abdominal pain, frequently occurring at a fixed time after eating, caused by inadequacy of the mesenteric circulation. Also called intestinal angina.

  • Abdominal

    of, in, on, or for the : abdominal wall; abdominal pains. Usually, abdominals. Informal. the abdominal muscles. Contemporary Examples Turns out a tummy may be more than just an obstacle to skinny jeans: abdominal fat speeds up cellular aging. The New Science of Reverse Aging Danielle Friedman November 6, 2010 The cancer was detected during […]

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