excision of abdominal fat and skin for cosmetic purposes.
noun (pl) -ies
the surgical removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen

abdominoplasty ab·dom·i·no·plas·ty (āb-dŏm’ə-nō-plās’tē)
An operation performed on the abdominal wall for cosmetic purposes.

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  • Abdominoscopy

    abdominoscopy abdominoscopy ab·dom·i·nos·co·py (āb-dŏm’ə-nŏs’kə-pē) n. Internal examination of the abdomen through the use of an endoscope; peritoneoscopy.

  • Abdominoscrotal

    abdominoscrotal abdominoscrotal ab·dom·i·no·scro·tal (āb-dŏm’ə-nō-skrōt’l) adj. Of or relating to the abdomen and the scrotum.

  • Abdominothoracic
  • Abdominous

    having a large belly; potbellied.

  • Abdominothoracic arch

    abdominothoracic arch abdominothoracic arch n. A bell-shaped line along the lowest of the false ribs and the lower end of the sternum, making a rough boundary line between the abdomen and thorax.

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