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aircraft battle damage repair


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  • Abduce

    to draw or take away; abduct. v. “to draw away” by persuasion, 1530s, from Latin abductus, past participle of abducere “to lead away” (see abduction). Related: Abduced; abducing. abduce ab·duce (āb-dōōs’, -dyōōs’) v. ab·duced, ab·duc·ing, ab·duc·es To abduct.

  • Abducens oculi

  • Abducens
  • Abducent

    drawing away, as by the action of a muscle; abducting. adjective (of a muscle) abducting adj. 1713, from Latin abducentem (nominative abducens), present participle of abducere “to lead away” (see abduction). abducent ab·du·cent (āb-dōō’sənt, -dyōō’-) adj. Abducting; drawing away.

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