a person who .
Historical Examples

It was the friend of human liberty and the abettor of tyranny.
A Short History of Monks and Monasteries Alfred Wesley Wishart

He found an abettor in the person of the Portuguese pianist, to whom he laid bare his soul.
Melomaniacs James Huneker

And this I vow, that if again you squeak I will have you tried as being an abettor of this treason.’
The Fifth Queen Crowned Ford Madox Ford

What would he not give, or say, or do, to find me his aider and abettor?
Lord Kilgobbin Charles Lever

Instantly to turn upon me, charging that I have no sense of the enormity of the crime itself, but am its aider and abettor!
The Mystery of Edwin Drood Charles Dickens

He was her father’s friend, but she hated him, and immediately she imagined him the abettor.
Yonder Emily Hilda Young

If present, though only to stand outside and keep watch against surprise, one is an abettor, and not an accessory.
English Synonyms and Antonyms James Champlin Fernald

She might be accused of having been an abettor in the plot from the first!
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood

Is it to forsake the slave when I cease to be the aider and abettor of his master?
William Lloyd Garrison Archibald H. Grimke

The mother, in her own despite, became an abettor in all this juggling.
La Sorcire: The Witch of the Middle Ages Jules Michelet

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