a city in central Texas.
Contemporary Examples

I went to Abilene and in the course of the day spent some time with Jim Cannon, who was a Rockefeller aide for a number of years.
This Republican Loved Taxes & Modern Art Scott Porch November 18, 2014

I especially love the relationship between the girl narrator, Abilene Tucker, and Miss Sadie, the wise older seer of Manifest.
Emily Bazelon’s Book Bag: The Essential Bildungsromans Emily Bazelon February 25, 2013

McDonough did not respond to repeated phone calls and a list of questions faxed to his Abilene office.
Patients Screwed in Spine Surgery ‘Scam’ The Center for Investigative Reporting November 2, 2014

Historical Examples

There was no room for him in the same district as Wild Bill of Abilene.
The Twins of Suffering Creek Ridgwell Cullum

This institution holds its annual meetings at Abilene, Texas.
The Merry-Go-Round Carl Van Vechten

He would pass through Hays and Abilene on his slow way to Cheyenne.
The Sunset Trail Alfred Henry Lewis

Why, I was never in Abilene longer than half an hour in my life, ma’am.
The Sheriff of Badger George B. Pattullo

He’s gone on some high-flyin’ expedition to Abilene, leaving the town without a peace officer at the mercy of bandits and thieves.
Trail’s End George W. Ogden

That will give the Buford herds the first start, and I’ll be waiting for you at Abilene when you reach there.
The Outlet Andy Adams

It was still before breakfast that I told Polly to pack her dunnage, ’cause we was moving out from Abilene.
A Man in the Open Roger Pocock

a city in central Texas. Pop: 114 889 (2003 est)

a plain, a district lying on the east slope of the Anti-Lebanon range; so called from its chief town, Abila (Luke 3:1), which stood in the Suk Wady Barada, between Heliopolis (Baalbec) and Damascus, 38 miles from the former and 18 from the latter. Lysanias was governor or tetrarch of this province.

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