a town in SE Pennsylvania.
a city in SE Massachusetts.
Contemporary Examples

In Northampton an 18-year-old man has been charged for urging 140 people to bring “bats and weapons” to Abington Park over BBM.
Caught Red-Thumbed Josh Dzieza August 12, 2011

Historical Examples

I should think you might see a good deal of her over at Abington, Mr. Mercer.
Abington Abbey Archibald Marshall

No heart could be heavy for long when Mrs. Abington was on the stage.
A Nest of Linnets Frank Frankfort Moore

She “seemed the very person,” an “admiration of Mrs. Abington’s genius made him long desire the honour of her acquaintance.”
Their Majesties’ Servants (Volume 3 of 3) John Doran

He was proving his love to Betsy Linley by marrying Mrs. Abington.
A Nest of Linnets Frank Frankfort Moore

But then, people were always talking of Mrs. Abington—especially the people who never talked to her.
A Nest of Linnets Frank Frankfort Moore

And her love for Abington, and her wish to make his home for him there suited him.
The Graftons Archibald Marshall

Abington Abbey would be much more to them than an increase of opportunities for enjoyment.
Abington Abbey Archibald Marshall

But he made up his mind that the succession of guests should not fail at Abington.
The Graftons Archibald Marshall

Mr Abington continued to protest his supreme innocence of all knowledge or connivance.
It Might Have Been Emily Sarah Holt

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