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Abl. absol.

abl. absol.
ablative absolute


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  • Ablactate

    to wean.

  • Ablactation

    to wean. noun the weaning of an infant the cessation of milk secretion in the breasts

  • Ablare

    : With trumpets ablare, the band entered the stadium. Historical Examples A week after a great city was all aglare with flags, and ablare with trumpets. Humorous Readings and Recitations Various

  • Ablate

    to remove or dissipate by melting, vaporization, erosion, etc.: to ablate a metal surface with intense heat. to become ablated; undergo . verb (transitive) to remove by ablation ablate ab·late (ā-blāt’) v. ab·lat·ed, ab·lat·ing, ab·lates To remove or destroy the function of.

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