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  • Abode

    a place in which a person resides; residence; dwelling; habitation; home. an extended stay in a place; sojourn. a simple past tense and past participle of . to remain; continue; stay: Abide with me. to have one’s abode; dwell; reside: to abide in a small Scottish village. to continue in a particular condition, attitude, relationship, […]

  • Abohm

    the centimeter-gram-second unit of electrical resistance, equivalent to 10 −9 ohm. noun the cgs unit of resistance in the electromagnetic system: equivalent to 10-9 ohm

  • Aboil

    : Make the tea as soon as the water is aboil. in a state of excited activity: The street was aboil with Saturday shoppers. Historical Examples Arrived at the creek, they found the shallow sand bar between its mouth and the sea all aboil with confusion. The Bungalow Boys Along the Yukon Dexter J. Forrester

  • Aboideau

    noun (in the Canadian Maritimes) (pl) -deaus, -deaux (-ˌdəʊz) -teaus, -teaux (-ˌtəʊz) a dyke with a sluicegate that allows flood water to drain but keeps the sea water out a sluicegate in a dyke Historical Examples This dyke and aboideau served the purpose of shutting out the tide from about 600 acres of marsh land. […]

  • Abolish

    to do away with; put an end to; annul; make void: to abolish slavery. Contemporary Examples You even propose to abolish the teaching of history and literature, two basic humanities. Alain de Botton on the Benefits of Religion Without God The Daily Beast March 9, 2012 If you call today, Cruz will help to defeat […]

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