(cards) a variant spelling of abundance (sense 6)

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  • Aboon

    . Historical Examples We’ve getten on here for aboon fifty year withaat ony o’ ther bother, an’ aw could like to finish my bit o’ time aght as we are.’ Yorksher Puddin’ John Hartley The lid will be aboon it and screwed down to-morrow, I dar’ say. Checkmate Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu The dochter o’ […]

  • Aborad

    aborad aborad ab·o·rad (āb-ôr’ād) or ab·o·ral (āb-ôr’əl) adj. In a direction away from the mouth.

  • Aboral

    opposite to or away from the mouth. Historical Examples An aboral vessel embraces the sense-organ, but has no external opening. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 7 Various The pedal pores (on the base of the aboral feet) are usually larger than the dental pores (on the base of the circoral teeth). Report on […]

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    aborig. Aboriginal

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    of, relating to, or typical of : aboriginal customs. original or earliest known; native; indigenous: the aboriginal people of Tahiti. (def 1). (initial capital letter) (def 2). Contemporary Examples Spence is the leader of an aboriginal community called Attawapiskat in northern Ontario. The Hunger Strike Diet: You Don’t Lose Weight AND You Accomplish Your Goal! […]

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