objects from Aboriginal culture used as decorations, esp when they produce a distorted, sentimental view of Aborigines and Aboriginal history

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  • Aboriginality

    of, relating to, or typical of : aboriginal customs. original or earliest known; native; indigenous: the aboriginal people of Tahiti. (def 1). (initial capital letter) (def 2). Historical Examples Hence, they may be taken in the order of their outward and visible signs of aboriginality. Man and His Migrations R. G. (Robert Gordon) Latham This […]

  • Aboriginally
  • Aborigines

    one of the original or earliest known inhabitants of a country or region. (initial capital letter). Also, Aboriginal. Also called Australian Aborigine. a member of the people who were the earliest inhabitants of Australia. aborigines, the original, native fauna or flora of a region. Historical Examples I remember also the first time I ever saw […]

  • Aborning

    in birth; before being carried out: The scheme died aborning. being born; coming into being, fruition, realization, etc.: A new era of architecture is aborning. Historical Examples And green things died and shriveled, aborning: The desert was dotted with dead cattle. Still Jim Honor Willsie Morrow adverb (US) while being born, developed, or realized (esp […]

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    to bring forth a fetus from the uterus before the fetus is viable; miscarry. to develop incompletely; remain in a rudimentary or undeveloped state. to fail, cease, or stop at an early or premature stage. Military. to fail to accomplish a purpose or mission for any reason other than enemy action. Rocketry. (of a missile) […]

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