Above stairs

Contemporary Examples

Besides, how on earth could a girl like Rose mix with them above stairs?
A Real-Life ‘Downton Abbey’ Affair Margaret Powell January 12, 2013

Historical Examples

There was a sudden sound, a long, shivering sigh from above stairs.
The Son of Monte Christo Jules Lermina

As he stepped into the house, something like a cry for help sounded from above stairs.
The Whirlpool George Gissing

above stairs, one room is for Mr. & Mrs. Carter; the second for the young Ladies; & the other two for occasional Company.
Woman’s Life in Colonial Days Carl Holliday

above stairs, in the invalid room, the scene was of a different kind.
Hide and Seek Wilkie Collins

We were a rapturous trio in front of the library fire, and there we were joined presently by the rapturous trio from above stairs.
The Gay Cockade Temple Bailey

The other side of the house and all above stairs might remain intact.
Sweethearts at Home S. R. Crockett

Tom Carr’s nephews directed this centre of industry and, from a grimy “office” above stairs, Tom Carr directed his nephews.
The Tempering Charles Neville Buck

I had only been above stairs once before, and then at night.
The Professor’s Mystery Wells Hastings

above stairs she found the three damsels crouched on one bed, their heads together.
Long Will Florence Converse

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