in, at, or to a higher place.
overhead, upstairs, or in the sky:
My brother lives in the apartment above. A flock of birds circled above.
higher in rank, authority, or power:
She was told to speak to the person above.
higher in quantity or number:
books with 100 pages and above.
before or earlier, especially in a book or other piece of writing; foregoing:
the remark quoted above.
Compare (def 6).
in or to heaven:
gone to her eternal rest above.
Zoology. on the upper or dorsal side.
Theater. upstage.
Compare (def 9).
higher than zero on the temperature scale:
The temperature dropped to ten above this morning.
in or to a higher place than; over:
to fly above the clouds; the floor above ours.
more in quantity or number than; in excess of:
all girls above 12 years of age; The weight is above a ton.
superior in rank, authority, or standing to:
A captain is above a lieutenant.
not subject or liable to; not capable of (some undesirable action, thought, etc.):
above suspicion; to be above bad behavior.
of too fine a character for:
He is above such trickery.
rather than; in preference to:
to favor one child above the other.
beyond, especially north of:
six miles above Baltimore.
Theater. upstage of.
said, mentioned, or written above; foregoing:
the above explanation.
something that was said, mentioned, or written above:
to refer to the above.
the person or persons previously indicated:
The above will all stand trial.
truly a gift from above.
a higher authority:
an order from above.
above all, most important of all; principally:
charity above all.
Contemporary Examples

A pardon would flout the principle that even the president is not above the law.
Will Bush Pardon Himself? Kenneth Roth January 17, 2009

But in these areas, there is no need for a military presence on the ground; death comes from above.
In War Against Assad, Death Comes From Above Clare Morgana Gillis August 25, 2012

But of course, the things I cited in the above graf are “facts,” and conservatives kind of have a problem with those.
And Ryan Weighs In: “Net Dependent”? Please Michael Tomasky September 17, 2012

Then a lunch where she repeated, “My mother told me never get above yourself, Brooke,” several times.
Brooke Astor’s Estate Is Auctioned, and a Friend Recalls Her Fondly Barbara Goldsmith September 28, 2012

The firm was above responding to criticism because there was nothing that could shake its clients’ confidence in its abilities.
Is Goldman Slipping? Charlie Gasparino November 28, 2009

Historical Examples

Man must not look to be able to comprehend the ways of God—they are above him.
A Forgotten Hero Emily Sarah Holt

Had Mrs. Bines been above talking to low people, a catastrophe might have been averted.
The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson

Then, heretic, you dare to say that the Bible is above the Church?
The Last Look W.H.G. Kingston

above all else, the time has come for us to renew our faith in ourselves and in America.
United States Presidents’ Inaugural Speeches Various

The coyotes seemed just a shadow removed all about and above.
The Man of the Desert Grace Livingston Hill

on top of or higher than; over: the sky above the earth
greater than in quantity or degree: above average in weight
superior to or prior to: to place honour above wealth
too honourable or high-minded for: above petty gossiping
too respected for; beyond: above suspicion, above reproach
too difficult to be understood by: the talk was above me
louder or higher than (other noise): I heard her call above the radio
in preference to: I love you above all others
north of: which town lies just above London?
upstream from
above all, most of all; especially
above and beyond, in addition to
above oneself, presumptuous or conceited
in or to a higher place: the sky above

in a previous place (in something written)
(in combination): the above-mentioned clause

higher in rank or position
in or concerned with heaven: seek the things that are above
the above, something that is above or previously mentioned
mentioned or appearing in a previous place (in something written)

Old English abufan, earlier onbufan, from on (see on) + bufan “over,” compound of be “by” (see by) + ufan “over/high,” from Proto-Germanic *ufan-, *uban- (cf. Old Saxon, Old High German oban, German oben), from PIE root *upo (see up (adv.)). Meaning “in addition” first corded 1590s.

above all
above and beyond
above suspicion
above the law

also see:

all (none) of the above
cut above
head and shoulders above
over and above

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