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abrachia a·bra·chi·a (ə-brā’kē-ə, ā-brā’-)
Congenital absence of the arms.


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  • Abrachiocephalia

    abrachiocephalia abrachiocephalia a·bra·chi·o·ce·pha·li·a (ə-brā’kē-ō-sə-fā’lē-ə, -ā-brā’-) or a·bra·chi·o·ceph·a·ly (ə-brā’kē-ō-sěf’ə-lē) n. Congenital absence of the arms and head. Also called acephalobrachia.

  • Abradable

    to wear off or down by scraping or rubbing. to scrape off. verb (transitive) to scrape away or wear down by friction; erode v. 1670s, from Latin abradere “to scrape off” (see abrasion). Related: Abraded; abrading. abrade a·brade (ə-brād’) v. a·brad·ed, a·brad·ing, a·brades To wear away by mechanical action. To scrape away the surface layer […]

  • Abradant

    having an property, effect, or quality; . an . Historical Examples Carborundum, or silicide of carbon, is largely superseding emery and diamond dust as an abradant. The Progress of Invention in the Nineteenth Century. Edward W. Byrn

  • Abrade

    to wear off or down by scraping or rubbing. to scrape off. Historical Examples Genuine amber, when rubbed together, emits a very fragrant odour similar to a fresh lemon, and does not abrade the surface. Notes and Queries, Number 188, June 4, 1853 Various This is specially the case with Chaffinches and Bramblings: Greenfinches abrade […]

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