Absentee ballot

the ballot used for an absentee vote.
Contemporary Examples

Here in Jerusalem, I registered for an absentee ballot with a lovely Orthodox woman under a banner reading “I Vote Israel.”
Hiring the Next Chief Rabbi Raphael Magarik October 4, 2012

On an absentee ballot mailed from Camp War Eagle, I voted John Kerry for president in 2004.
A Veteran Sees Echoes of Iraq and Argues Against Intervention in Syria Brian Van Reet September 8, 2013

Van Flein, who is also the Palin family lawyer, is observing the absentee ballot counting for the Miller camp.
Alaska GOP Civil War Shushannah Walshe August 26, 2010

In case they fail to secure it in time, they are helping him get an absentee ballot.
Tampa Protestors Decry Voter Fraud Laws Passed in Florida and Other States Lynn Waddell August 28, 2012

In Stark County, the total number of early votes cast by absentee ballot and in person is up from 2008 for Democrats.
Nightmare Scenario—Ohio’s Provisional Ballots May Be 2012’s Hanging Chads John Avlon November 5, 2012

The ground game in Iowa has traditionally revolved around an absentee ballot program.
Fight Over the Ground Game in Iowa Could Swing the Senate Ben Jacobs August 12, 2014

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