Absolute minimum

the smallest value a given function assumes on a specified set.
Compare (def 5a).
Contemporary Examples

If it could be duplicated, that would only get Ryan to his absolute minimum level of revenues as a share of GDP.
Ryan’s Budget is So Ambitious, it Needs Magic to Work Noah Kristula-Green March 22, 2012

Netanyahu has made it abundantly clear that he is unwilling to meet the absolute minimum requirements for direct negotiations.
Obama’s Pathetic Mideast Policy Reza Aslan May 8, 2010

Meantime, Israel has to take great care to protect its borders with an absolute minimum of force.
Israel: No Peace in Sight Leslie H. Gelb May 15, 2011

Historical Examples

Experience has furthermore emphasised the necessity of reducing the number of types to the absolute minimum.
Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War Frederick A. Talbot

Unless they’ve dematerialized it, that means about ten billion light-years as an absolute minimum.
Skylark Three Edward Elmer Smith

The weight of the machine would require to be an absolute minimum, and everything not absolutely essential omitted.
The Theory and Practice of Model Aeroplaning V. E. Johnson

Rodebush set up the beam at its absolute minimum of power and threw in the switch.
Triplanetary Edward Elmer Smith

The absolute monthly range of temperature is the difference, in degrees, between the absolute maximum and the absolute minimum.
Practical Exercises in Elementary Meteorology Robert DeCourcy Ward

Rodebush launched the tractor, set at its absolute minimum of power, and threw in his master switches.
Triplanetary Edward Elmer Smith

The container reduces freight transfer to an absolute minimum.
Our Railroads To-Morrow Edward Hungerford

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