Abstract noun

a noun denoting something immaterial and abstract, as rest, dread, or transportation.
a noun formed with a suffix that imparts such a meaning, as kindness.
Contemporary Examples

Glenn Beck did it before, although the abstract noun he chose to foist on the nation was “honor.”
Sanity Is Overrated Tunku Varadarajan October 28, 2010

Historical Examples

But Tashmitum, being feminine in gender, as an abstract noun, seemed appropriate as the designation of a goddess.
The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria Morris Jastrow

An abstract noun is the name of a quality, a condition or an action.
Plain English Marian Wharton

The grammatical change which accompanied this psychological movement was the transfer of the adjective into an abstract noun.
The Religion of Numa Jesse Benedict Carter

We are only too given to making an entity out of the abstract noun “consciousness.”
Democracy and Education John Dewey

But it is possible that Joy itself is not the abstract noun, but a shortened form of Julian.
The Romance of Names Ernest Weekley

An abstract noun is something we can think of but cannot feel—as a red hot poker.
Toaster’s Handbook Peggy Edmund and Harold W. Williams, compilers

Make from each adjective and verb in this week’s lesson an abstract noun by the addition of the proper suffix.
Plain English Marian Wharton

A participle agreeing with a noun is preferred in Latin to an abstract noun with a dependent genitive.
Selections from Viri Romae Charles Franois L’Homond

An abstract noun is the name denoting a quality of an object; as, power, purity, strength.
Business English Rose Buhlig

a noun that refers to an abstract concept, as for example kindness Compare concrete noun

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