Abu ‘ali al-hasan ibn al-haytham

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  • Ma'mun

    (abu-al-‘Abbās ‘Abdullāh) a.d. 786–833, caliph of Baghdad 813–833 (son of Harun al-Rashid).

  • Abu-bakr

    a.d. 573–634, Muhammad’s father-in-law and successor: first caliph of Mecca 632–634.

  • Abu dhabi

    a sheikdom in the N United Arab Emirates, on the S coast of the Persian Gulf. the capital of this sheikdom. the capital of the United Arab Emirates. an independent federation in E Arabia, formed in 1971, now comprising seven emirates on the S coast (formerly, Pirate Coast or Trucial Coast) of the Persian Gulf, […]

  • Abu hanifa

    a.d. 699–767, Islamic scholar and founder of one of the schools of Islamic law.

  • Abu hanifah

    noun 700–67 ad, Muslim theologian and teacher of jurisprudence

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