Abu simbel

a former village in S Egypt, on the Nile: site of two temples of Ramses II; now inundated by Lake Nasser, created by the Aswan High Dam.
Historical Examples

Only a lizard scuttling over the dark-washed bedroom wall, first cousin to the chameleon you saw at Abu Simbel.
Round the Wonderful World G. E. Mitton

Somehow I knew that things were bound to happen at Abu Simbel.
It Happened in Egypt C. N. Williamson

With pleasure would we have given immediate chase, had not the Enchantress been pledged to remain at Abu Simbel till afternoon.
It Happened in Egypt C. N. Williamson

And nobody knew if the steam dahabeah had hurried on before us, to anchor out of sight round the oblique faade of Abu Simbel.
It Happened in Egypt C. N. Williamson

Most beautiful of these was the temple of Abu Simbel, guarded by four famous statues of this king.
The World’s Progress, Vol. I (of X) Various

a former village in S Egypt: site of two temples of Rameses II, which were moved to higher ground (1966–67) before the area behind the Aswan High Dam was flooded Also called Ipsambul

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