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Contemporary Examples

In The abyssinian he tells the story of a diplomatic mission from Louis XIV of France to the King of Abyssinia.
The Thief of Words: Starling Lawrence Jill Bialosky October 10, 2013

Since 1996, Bolding has been director of the Chancel Choir (renamed The Inspirational Voices of abyssinian in 2008).
Women in the World Speakers The Daily Beast March 7, 2010

Historical Examples

Our encampment was just below a pretty little abyssinian church, which was surrounded by large Qualqual trees.
Sport in Abyssinia Dermot Mayo

The flight referred to in verse 111th is the early abyssinian flight.
A Critical Exposition of the Popular ‘Jihd’ Moulavi Gergh Ali

The abyssinian is a hardy little chap and must not be “coddled” up in a warm hutch.
Three Hundred Things a Bright Boy Can Do Anonymous

This weapon is of abyssinian make, and those men were abyssinians.
The River of Darkness William Murray Graydon

The body of an abyssinian was lying among the flowers, and another of a Mahratta near him.
Tara Philip Meadows Taylor

abyssinian legends have another version of the history of this realm.
Jewish Literature and Other Essays Gustav Karpeles

The compromise, it seems, lasted long enough for the abyssinian exiles to hear of it and to come home.
Ten Great Religions James Freeman Clarke

During his captivity, Neufeld had with him an abyssinian girl, or rather woman.
Khartoum Campaign, 1898 Bennet Burleigh

a native or inhabitant of Abyssinia
of or relating to Abyssinia or its inhabitants
a former name for Ethiopia

old name for Ethiopia, 1630s, from Modern Latin Abyssinia, from Arabic Habasah, the name for the region, said to be from Amharic hbsh “mixed,” in reference to the different races dwelling there. In 1920s-30s popular as a slang pun for “I’ll be seeing you.” Related: Abyssinian.

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  • Abyssinian banana

    a large, treelike Ethiopian plant, Ensete ventricosum, of the banana family, having leaves about 15 feet (4 meters) long, whitish flowers with reddish-brown bracts, and dry, inedible fruit.

  • Abyssinian cat

    a breed of domesticated cat originating in Africa, typically having grayish or brownish fur with a reddish undercoat, giving it a brindled appearance. noun a variety of cat with a long body and a short brown coat with black or dark brown markings

  • Abyssinian church

    . the Monophysitic church founded by Frumentius in the 4th century a.d., and resembling the Coptic Church in doctrine, practice, and discipline, but using Ethiopic in its liturgy.

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  • Abyssinian guinea pig

    noun a breed of short-haired guinea pig with rosettes all over its body

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