academicals, .
plural noun
another term for academic dress

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  • Academician

    a member of an association or institution for the advancement of arts, sciences, or letters. a follower or promoter of the traditional trends in philosophy, art, or literature: Reforms were instituted over the protests of the academicians. Contemporary Examples He needs to display a level of skill that brings him closer to an American sign-painter […]

  • Academicize


  • Academicism

    traditionalism or conventionalism in art, literature, etc. thoughts, opinions, and attitudes that are purely speculative. pedantic or formal quality. Historical Examples It has already been said that the chief opponents of the academicism of Cabanel and Bougereau were the Impressionists. Paul Gauguin, His Life and Art John Gould Fletcher academicism, even in the narrow sense, […]

  • Academics

    of or relating to a college, , school, or other educational institution, especially one for higher education: academic requirements. pertaining to areas of study that are not primarily vocational or applied, as the humanities or pure mathematics. theoretical or hypothetical; not practical, realistic, or directly useful: an academic question; an academic discussion of a matter […]

  • Academie francaise

    . Historical Examples Of her influence we need no better evidence than the fact that her salon was called the antechamber to the academie francaise. The Women of the French Salons Amelia Gere Mason

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