Acarus scabiei

acarus scabiei

Acarus scabiei Acarus sca·bi·e·i (skā’bē-ē’ī)
Sarcoptes scabiei
Historical Examples

To the invasion of the cutaneous structures by an animal parasite, the sarcoptes scabiei (acarus scabiei).
Essentials of Diseases of the Skin Henry Weightman Stelwagon

Linnæus classed it among the aptera, and termed it the acarus scabiei.
Curiosities of Medical Experience J. G. (John Gideon) Millingen

The acarus scabiei causes itch, but fortunately it is rare in America.
Essays In Pastoral Medicine Austin Malley

The presence of lice and of the acarus scabiei can bring about acute and severe skin eruptions.
Essays In Pastoral Medicine Austin Malley

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