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acathexia ac·a·thex·i·a (āk’ə-thěk’sē-ə)
An abnormal loss of bodily secretions.
ac’a·thec’tic (-thěk’tĭk) adj.


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  • Acathexis

    acathexis acathexis ac·a·thex·is (āk’ə-thěk’sĭs) n. A mental disorder in which certain objects or ideas fail to elicit an emotional response in the individual.

  • Acathisia

    acathisia acathisia ac·a·this·i·a (āk’ə-thĭz’ē-ə) n. Variant of akathisia.

  • Acaudal

    . adjective (zoology) having no tail

  • Acats

    acats airborne chromatograph for atmospheric trace species

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