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Acceptance race



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  • Acceptance region

    Statistics. the set of values of a test statistic for which the null hypothesis is accepted.

  • Acceptance testing

    acceptance testing programming Formal testing conducted to determine whether a system satisfies its acceptance criteria and thus whether the customer should accept the system. (1996-05-10)

  • Acceptance, test or launch language

    acceptance, test or launch language language (ATOLL) The language used for automating the checking and launch of Saturn rockets. [“SLCC ATOLL User’s Manual”, IBM 70-F11-0001, Huntsville AL Dec 1970]. (2000-04-03)

  • Acceptancy

    the act of ; acceptance. a willingness to or receive; receptiveness. Historical Examples You know I have no fresh first devotion to offer you, I have not even a heart swept and garnished for your acceptancy. Miss Hildreth, Volume 2 of 3 Augusta de Grasse Stevens

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