a loud shout or other demonstration of welcome, goodwill, or approval.
act of .
Liturgy. a brief responsive chant in antiphonal singing.
Ecclesiastical, (def 3a).
by acclamation, by an oral vote, often unanimous, expressing approval by shouts, hand-clapping, etc., rather than by formal ballot.
an enthusiastic reception or exhibition of welcome, approval, etc
an expression of approval by a meeting or gathering through shouts or applause
(Canadian) an instance of electing or being elected without opposition: there were two acclamations in the 1985 election
by acclamation

by an overwhelming majority without a ballot
(Canadian) (of an election or electoral victory) without opposition: he won by acclamation


1540s, from Latin acclamationem (nominative acclamatio) “a calling, exclamation, shout of approval,” noun of action from past participle stem of acclamare “shout approval or disapproval of, cry out at,” from ad- “toward” (see ad-) + clamare “cry out” (see claim (v.)). As a method of voting en masse, by 1801, probably from the French Revolution.

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