Accommodation address

an address on letters, etc, to a person or business that does not wish or is not able to receive post at a permanent or actual address

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  • Accommodation bill

    a bill, draft, or note made, drawn, accepted, or endorsed by one person for another without consideration, to enable the second person to obtain credit or raise money. noun (commerce) a bill of exchange cosigned by a guarantor: designed to strengthen the acceptor’s credit Also called windbill, windmill

  • Accommodation collar

    the arrest of a person on little or no evidence merely to fill a public or political demand for police action. noun phrase An arrest made to fulfill a quota, usually in response to pressure for strong police action against crime (Police)

  • Accommodation ladder

    a portable flight of steps, usually having a small platform at each end, suspended at the side of a vessel to give access to and from boats alongside. Historical Examples “I shall do the best I can to make it so,” answered Christy, as he followed his companion down the accommodation ladder. Fighting for the […]

  • Accommodation line

    insurance that, by itself, would not be acceptable to an insurer but is written in connection with other policies as an accommodation to an agent or broker.

  • Accommodation platform

    noun a platform or semisubmersible rig specially built or adapted to act as living accommodation for offshore personnel in the oil industry

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